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 Quartz Tubing




Infrared Translucent


Opaque tube is a kind of milky machine-drawn tube. It is used for infra-red heating purpose and quartz ware for semi-conductor purpose. 


Frosted Translucent


Standard clear tubing can be made into translucent by special acid treatment. The light of halogen lamps made by this kind of frost tubing is diffused and soft.


Quartz Rod
quartz rod is a kind of clear electrically fused quartz rod. Its chemical composition and Hydroxyl (OH) content is same as our standard quartz tube. It is available of outside diameter from 2-50mm. 


High Purity Tubing
This is a kind of high purity clear fused quartz tubing with lower hydroxyl (OH) content and excellent visual condition, Its thermal mechanical properties are similar as
our standard quartz tubing. It can be supplied with a size range from 4mm to 60mm outside diameter with tight dimensional tolerances.                 


Ozone Free Tubing
This is clear fused quartz glass doped with Titanium Oxid(TiO2).With the exception of transmission, it retain all the other properties  and is available in range of outside diameter from 7mm-60mm.This item has a UV cut off at 220nm. It transmit UV-A and UV-B while blocking the high energy deep wavelength that cause ozone generation. 



Quartz Tube


This is a kind of clear flame fused quartz used for semiconductor. Its high purity and excellent sag resistance make it an ideal material for semiconductors and for diffusion, oxidation and CVD processing. 


Fabricated Quartz Ware


Fabricated quartz ware include quartz process tube, quartz boat, pedestals, end caps, cleaning tank and so on.


Quartz Ingot


Quartz Ingot has high purity and contain some fine bubbles. They can be made into plates and other various shape.


Quartz Rod


Clear fused quartz rod has excellent visual, dimensional, mechanical properties with lower levels of contamination. The material is available in diameter of 2-60mm.


ckick for more details quartz tubing IM009Standard Tubing

This standard quartz lamp tubing is a kind of clear electrically fused machine-drawn tubing. It has characteristics of excellent visual, thermal, mechanical properties with tight dimensional tolerances. This material is available in a full range between 2mm and 200mm outside diameter. The hydroxyl (OH) content can be adjusted to different level according to its application.

ckick for more details quartz tubing IM007UV Blocking Tubing


This is clear fused quartz glass doped with cerium to block ultraviolet. This glass block all vacuum ultraviolet, nearly all UV-C, UV-B and emit minimum UV-A. It is an ideal material for lamps requiring maximum visible light and to avoid UV exposure to people and materials.
This glass can be supplied in the range between 6mm-60mm outside diameter. 


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